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Egyptians Raise $5.5B in 6 Days for Suez Canal

Digging has already begun to expand the Suez Canal, and Egyptians appear to be in favor of the project having raised, in only 6 days, $5.5B of the $8.4B needed. The expansion will add parallel corridors along sections of the canal which currently are too narrow for two-way traffic.
The new waterway is expected to help revive Egypt's ailing economy by increasing ship traffic revenues, luring huge foreign investments and creating thousands of job opportunities. The project was designed to be finished within three years, but [Egypt's newly-elected President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi] ordered the New Suez Canal be done in one year sharp and be open for ship navigation in early August 2015.
The deeper New Suez Canal will allow huge container-carrying ships to pass through the original Canal in both directions limitlessly... It would also help speed up the transiting of vessels and reduce their waiting time for passing from 11 hours to only three hours.

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Egyptian Stamp Mistake

Suez Canal Stamp w/ Panama Canal Pic

(Cairo, Egypt)
Egyptians on social media have derided a stamp that was supposed to depict the nation’s famous Suez Canal but instead showed the Panama Canal – situated over 11,500 km away.

The new series of stamps had been commissioned to mark a new $8.4bn Suez Canal project which will run alongside the existing 145-year-old historic waterway.
Oops! An Egyptian official said the mistake would be corrected.

Obama Administration Stops Prosecuting Illegal Aliens!

The Department of Justice has announced that it will end “Operation Streamline,” a successful program that prosecutes illegal aliens!

Operation Streamline is a Department of Justice program aimed at prosecuting illegal aliens caught for the first time. The program is hugely successful. Or at least, it was until the Obama administration got involved in selectively enforcing our immigration laws…

In 2005, Operation Streamline led to the apprehension and prosecution of 140,000 illegal aliens in Yuma County, Arizona. That is just in ONE YEAR and in ONE COUNTY!

Last year, however, only 6,000 illegal aliens were apprehended and prosecuted in that county under the program. This is from a combination of the program working to dissuade illegal border crossings and the Obama administration’s refusal to prosecute captured illegals.

But even that is too many prosecutions for Obama’s DOJ, which has announced that it is ending the program all together! The Department of Justice is ending this program because it is too successful. Not only that, but the DOJ is going to stop local law enforcement from prosecuting these illegals as well.

“I have been informed that the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona will no longer be prosecuting first time undocumented aliens (UDAs),” explains one local Sheriff…


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Gravedigger Suspended

Posing with exhumed corpse

(Guardamar del Segura, Spain)
A cemetery worker in a town in southern Spain has been suspended after a photo of him posing with an exhumed corpse went viral on social media.

The mummified body of a man who died 23 years ago had been moved from his grave to allow the burial of his wife alongside him in the family tomb in Guardamar del Segura.

The niece of the deceased had arranged for the grave to be extended. Clemente, the gravedigger, opened the tomb to begin his usual job of breaking up the corpse to allow another body to fit into the same space.
Breaking up the corpse?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Washington State Woman Faces Rape Charge

(Seattle, Washington) A 26-year-old woman, Chantae Gilman, has been accused of sexually assaulting a 31-year-old man after pinning him down.

Gilman has been charged with rape for assaulting a victim incapable of consenting to sex by reason of being physically restrained.
At 2 AM, the man told cops, he awoke to find the 5’ 7”, 240-pound Gilman on top of him. The victim said that his erect penis was inside Gilman, who had the man's “hands pinned down over his head,” as first reported by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

While Gilman ignored demands to get off him, the man said, he was “able to work his way out from underneath" her. Gilman, he added, had “told him to be quiet.” The man subsequently succeeded in pushing Gilman from his home. Later that day, he went to the Harborview Medical Center for a sexual assault examination.
When questioned by police, Gilman said she doesn't remember having sex with the man.
Worth thinking about

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Saving 'Sensitive and Intelligent' Lobsters

(Cambridge, Massachusetts) Outside a local restaurant, 15 lobster rights protesters gathered for a silent vigil last Saturday to protest the boiling of live lobsters.
Edmund Maile, of Animal Rights Cambridge and the United Shellfish Front, said: "One protester was arrested early on for blowing a whistle. She was released from custody around 4am the next morning with no charge.

"Lobsters are sensitive and intelligent creatures who are persecuted in ways which would be deemed unacceptable in other species, and this campaign, through appealing to the conscience of restauranteurs and members of the public, is designed to challenge this injustice."
I can't tell the difference between sensitive and intelligent lobsters vs. insensitive and dumb lobsters.

Texas Teacher Accused of Relations with Boy

Amy Joanne Mainville

(Copperas Cove, Texas) A 29-year-old teacher's aide at Copperas Cove High School, Amy Joanne Mainville, has been accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Mainville has been charged with improper relationship between educator and a 15-year-old male student.
According the affidavit, the student's mother found out about the relationship from inappropriate messages on Facebook. When the teacher's aide was being asked about the allegations, she first stated that it was just conversations via Facebook.

After only several minutes later, she stated, "I'm tired of this," and admitted to having a sexual relationship with the student. The teacher's aide said the student would come to her house at night after her kids were asleep and they would have sex.
Mainville was booked into custody and released on $25,000 bond.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chardon (OH) High School Shooter Escapes Prison - Updated

(Allen County, Ohio)
Convicted Ohio school shooter T.J. Lane, who is serving a life sentence for killing three fellow students at his high school in 2012, has escaped from prison, the Lima Police Department said Thursday evening.

Officers were searching the neighborhoods on the north end of the city, which is located about 90 miles northwest of Columbus.

"All available troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol have been joined by Allen County Sheriff's deputies and local area law enforcement in establishing a perimeter and searching the area," said Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born. "A Patrol helicopter with advanced infrared detection equipment has been deployed and is engaged in the search as well."
Lane escaped wearing his prison uniform.

* * * * *

Shooter at Chardon (OH) High School Gets Life - Updated
[Previous 3/20/13 post]

(Chardon, Ohio) Last month, Thomas Lane III pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted murder and felonious assault. Yesterday, Lane entered Geauga County Common Pleas Court wearing a blue shirt which he immediately removed and displayed a white T-shirt emblazoned with "KILLER" in black marker.
And then Lane, 18, also known as “T.J.,” did not stop smirking — even after Judge David L. Fuhry sentenced him to three life terms without parole for shooting six students at Chardon High School.

“The hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory,” he told the victims’ family members in attendance. “F--- all of you.”

Lane then stuck his left middle finger up at the packed court.
A lifetime in prison will give Lane adequate opportunity to critique his crimes and behavior.

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Shooting at Chardon(OH) High School - Updated
[Previous 2/28/12 post]
[Update 3:00PM, 2/28] A third victim has died. Demetrius Hewlin, 16, who had been in critical condition, died Tuesday morning.

Just announced at 11:00AM (2/28) press conference.

Chardon Schools are closed today. According to Superintendent Joseph Bergant, plans are to reopen schools tomorrow for faculty and staff but regular classes will not resume until Friday.

According to Chardon Police Chief Tim McKenna, two students have died, 17-year-old Russell King, Jr. and 16-year-old Daniel Parmertor.

Three students, Demetrius Hewlin, Joy Rickers, and Nickolas Walczak are still hospitalized.

As a local resident, I have seen the emotional equivalent of a sucker punch planted on the people and communities throughout northeast Ohio. There is a blanket of time-stopping sadness over the area. Virtually every friend and acquaintance of mine has some connection to Chardon, Chardon Schools, the student body, or the faculty.

Later today the alleged perpetrator, T.J. Lane, will be in court, presumably to face two counts of murder.

* * * * *

Shooting at Chardon(OH) High School - Updated
[Previous 2/27/12 post]
[Update 1:02PM] Suspect shooter has been identified as T.J. Lane.


* * * * *

[Update 1205PM] One victim reportedly died.

[Update 1145AM] (Chardon, Ohio) It's now reported that five students were shot by one gunman, a 17-year-old male student.

Three victims were lifeflighted to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. Two victims were taken to Hillcrest Hospital in eastern Cuyahoga County. Awaiting hospital reports on victims' conditions.

Local media is reporting a jumble of unconfirmed information. One student allegedly shot five times. A minimum of 10 shots reportedly fired. No confirmation yet.

Sketchy information is being reported about possible warning on Internet social media, Twitter and Facebook, before the shootings. Allegedly the student gunman posted pictures of himself holding guns and a placard indicating his intentions.

The gunman was reportedly chased from the school by a teacher. According to the Geauga County Sheriff, the gunman surrendered to "innocent bystanders" outside the school. The suspect is now in custody at the Chardon Detention Center.

* * * * *

Shooting at Ohio High School - Updated
[Previous 0853AM post]
(Chardon, Ohio) For the time being, the shooter remains at large.
At least four students have been injured in a shooting this morning at Chardon High School. The shooter has not been found.

Geauga County Sheriff's spokesman John Hiscox confirmed there had been a shooting in the school, but would give no details shortly after 8 this morning.

A local official confirmed the number of students. A local official said three boys and a girl were injured. Four ambulances, from Chardon, Kirtland, Burton and Chesterland, are waiting at the door of the high school at 8:15 a.m.

Little information has been made available. Chardon police and sheriff's officials said the school was on lockdown. Parents are crowding just off school grounds.

The shooting happened in the cafeteria, according to a waiting parent, Jessica Bryant, whose daughter, Allison, a freshman who had seen it and texted her.
More later….

[Update 1000AM] Chardon High School is on lockdown. Local media reporting that there were two gunmen who seemingly targeted specific students at 0740AM. Three boys and one girl were shot and are hospitalized. Three are reportedly in critical condition. The FBI is on scene.

An alleged shooter, a male student, has been apprehended.

Gov. John Kasich has issued a statement of support, pledging all necessary state resources.

All incident details need confirmation.

Child Pornography and Dead Cats

Doug Westcott

(Lake Worth, Florida)
An investigation into child pornography led to a suburban Lake Worth man’s arrest Wednesday morning as well as the gruesome discovery of dozens of dead cats stored in freezers in the man’s home, authorities said.

Detectives from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested Doug Westcott, 55, on child porn charges and, in the process, found about 50 dead cats in freezers as well as about 35 live cats, said Capt. David Walesky of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

Westcott was taken into custody as detectives served a search warrant and seized a computer from his home in the 5900 block of Ithaca Circle.
Arguably, reports of child pornography and cat hoarding have become somewhat commonplace. However, keeping freezers full of dead cats is new.

One has to wonder why anyone would want to keep dozens of frozen cats.

UK: Overwhelming Majority Of Conservative MPs Are Climate Sceptics

Nearly three-quarters of Conservative MPs do not accept that climate change has been proven to be caused by human activity, according to a new poll.

The survey of 119 MPs from all parties was commissioned by PRWeek from Populus to establish the attitudes of parliamentarians to climate change and environmental issues as part of a special report on the subject.

Only 51 per cent of MPs agree that it is an established fact that global warming is largely man made, though there are substantial differences between parties.

Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of Labour MPs agree that man-made global warming is now an established scientific fact compared with 30 per cent of Tory MPs.

Over half (53 per cent) of Conservative MPs agree with the statement that “it has not yet been conclusively proved that climate change is man made”.

A further 18 per cent agree that “man-made climate change is environmentalist propaganda”.

Climate change has fallen down the political agenda in the past five years, said half of all MPs, compared with 23 per cent who believe the opposite.


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Carolina Woman Arrested for Statutory Rape

Lauren Michelle Clontz

(Hickory, North Carolina) A 26-year-old local woman, Lauren Michelle Clontz, has been arrested for statutory rape of a youngster, 13, 14 or 15 years old.
Hickory Police say the arrest was the result of inappropriate text messages that were intercepted by the victim’s parents.

Police are not calling the offense a rape, though the crime does fall under North Carolina’s legal description of statutory rape.

Clontz and the victim, a teenaged boy whose age was not specified, were acquainted prior to the offense.
Clontz was booked and released on $12,000 bond.

Five Dead Children

Timothy Ray Jones, Jr.

(Greenville, Alabama)
The father of five children found dead in south Alabama on Tuesday reportedly confessed to the killings and brought law enforcement to the place where he dumped the bodies.

Timothy Ray Jones, Jr. will be charged with five counts of murder. Officials believe he acted alone.

Authorities say Jones dumped the children’s bodies in trash bags along a rural road west of Greenville, in Wilcox County in central Alabama.
The bodies will be taken to South Carolina where Jones will face charges.

Ebola Outbreak Increasingly Dire in Liberia

Ebola infected kidney cell

(Monrovia, Liberia)
During the past weeks, a WHO team of emergency experts worked together with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of her government to assess the Ebola situation in Liberia.

Transmission of the Ebola virus in Liberia is already intense and the number of new cases is increasing exponentially.

The investigative team worked alongside staff from the Ministry of Health, local health officials, and other key partners working in the country.

All agreed that the demands of the Ebola outbreak have completely outstripped the government’s and partners’ capacity to respond. Fourteen of Liberia’s 15 counties have now reported confirmed cases.

Some 152 health care workers have been infected and 79 have died.

IQ in decline across the world as scientists say we’re getting dumber

This is a generally good article below but it needs a little more background.  In particular, one needs to know why IQ scores rose for most of the 20th century (the "Flynn effect").  The evidence seems to converge on more schooling. As people got more and more  schooling (as they mostly did throughout the 20th century) they learned more and more test-taking strategies and that helped when they did IQ tests.  But that process obviously had its limits and that limit has now generally been reached.  Now that the Flynn effect has run its course we see what the underlying tendency is -- towards a dumbing down of the population.  With dumb women having most of the babies, any other result would be a surprise

FOR at least a century, average IQ has been on the rise, thanks to improved nutrition, living conditions and technology.  But now, scientists think the trend is going into reverse.

In Denmark, every man aged 18 is given an IQ test, to assess them in case of military conscription. It means around 30,000 people have been taking the same test for years — and scores have fallen by 1.5 points since 1998.

The pattern is repeated around the world, according to New Scientist, with tests showing the same thing happening everywhere from Australia and the UK to Brazil and China.

The most rapid signs of IQ growth in the US appeared between the 1950s and 1980s, the magazine reported, with “intelligence” rocketing by around 3 points per decade.

The trend for rising IQs was first documented by New Zealand scientist James Flynn, and is known as the Flynn Effect. It has been attributed to advances in health and medicine, as well as ever-expanding technology and culture forcing us to contend with a multi-layered world.

Now, the theory is that in developed countries, improvements such as public sanitation and more stimulating environments may have gone as far as they can in terms of increasing our intelligence.

The first evidence of a dip in IQ was reported in Norway in 2004, closely followed by similar studies emerging from developed countries including Sweden and the Netherlands.

Dr Flynn has said that such minor decreases could be attributable to reversible issues with social conditions, such as falling income, unhealthy diet or problems with education.

But some experts believe our IQs are in a state of permanent decline.

Some researchers suggest that the Flynn effect has masked an underlying decline in our genetic intelligence — meaning more people have been developing closer to their full potential, but that potential has been dropping.

This has been attributed in some quarters to the fact that the most highly educated people in society are having fewer children than the general population.

It is an uncomfortable thought, and one that strays worryingly close to controversial theories on genetic modification and even eugenics.

Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster in the UK says our IQ has declined by 1 point between 1950 and 2000, which seems very small.

But Michael Woodley, a psychologist at Free University of Brussels in Belgium, said even such a small drop can mean a dramatic reduction in the number of highly intelligent people — those geniuses who are responsible for our greatest innovations.

In fact, Dr Woodley says our IQ has been in decline since Victorian times, while Professor Gerald Crabtree says it happened as soon as we started to live in densely populated areas with a steady supply of food — 5000 to 12,000 years ago.

The importance of IQ trends is up for debate in itself, since IQ tests can be an unreliable measure of intelligence, skewed by education and preparation for solving certain kinds of problems.

Furthermore, many experts say there are multiple forms of intelligence. While academic intelligence is important, it is often people with other qualities, such as determination and self-control, who are most successful or socially productive.

When we say we are becoming more intelligent, are we simply learning different ways of thinking?

As Dr Flynn himself said: “There are other intellectual qualities, namely, critical acumen and wisdom, that IQ tests were not designed to measure and do not measure and these are equally worthy of attention.

“Our obsession with IQ is one indication that rising wisdom has not characterised our time.”


Idaho Woman Accused of Sex with Student

(Pocatello, Idaho) A 31-year-old woman, Kimberly Rosean Speck, has been accused of inappropriate sexual contact with a teenage boy.

Speck faces felony counts of sexual battery of a minor child and solicitation to commit such acts.
The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office says it started investigating after reports Speck had inappropriate sexual contact with a high school aged male, and that she sent pornographic photos to high school aged males.
Speck was booked into custody at the Bannock County Jail with bail set at $25,000.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Babies and Animal Fur

(Munich, Germany) New research from the Helmholtz Zentrum München Research Centre suggests that babies sleeping on animal fur reduces the risk of asthma.
The new research, presented at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in Munich today (8 September 2014), suggests that exposure to the microbial environment in animal skin and fur could have a protective effect against asthma and allergies.[…]

Dr Christina Tischer, from the Helmholtz Zentrum München Research Centre, said: "Previous studies have suggested that microbes found in rural settings can protect from asthma. An animal skin might also be a reservoir for various kinds of microbes, following similar mechanisms as has been observed in rural environments. Our findings have confirmed that it is crucial to study further the actual microbial environment within the animal fur to confirm these associations."
Interesting, don't you think? The animal rights folks may not think so.

Missing Nursing Student Found

Holly Bobo

(Decatur County, Tennessee)
Human remains discovered in rural Tennessee are those of a missing nursing student who disappeared from her home in April 2011, authorities say.

The remains of Holly Bobo were found Sunday not far from her home in the town of Parsons, located about 110 miles east of Memphis, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Monday night.

Bobo was 20 when she disappeared, with hundreds of volunteers joining law enforcement to search for body.

The remains were found Sunday in Decatur County, Tennessee, near property owned by the family of Zachary Rye Adams, who has been charged in Bobo's kidnapping and slaying. He has pleaded not guilty.

A second man charged, Jason Autry, also has pleaded not guilty.
So, it appears that the guilty have been identified.

Marijuana Wax

Marijuana Wax

Drug dealers are peddling a new marijuana product called Wax that looks and feels like lip balm and packs a kick equivalent to smoking 15-20 joints of weed.

Police in Roswell, Ga., discovered 80 grams of Wax during a recent drug bust. Roswell Police Officer Zachary Frommer told Fox 5 in Atlanta last week that the drug ring was selling the substance to high school students.

“It’s just an extra kick,” he said. “It gets ’em higher and it gets ’em higher faster. The 15-20 joints you smoke can equal a dose of the Wax.”

The marijuana concentrate, also known as Butter and Honeycomb, has the consistency of lip balm and is easy to conceal in lip balm jars. It can be eaten or smoked, using a bong or an electronic cigarette. It is made from the oils of marijuana plants and has a high level of THC -- the chemical that gets a user high.
Reportedly, there is considerable danger in making the Marijuana Wax. It requires the use of highly combustible materials.

In praise of a great Christian empire: Byzantium

The author below does not mention it but the fact that Byzantium was fanatically Christian may have helped it to survive.  The Greek and Russian Orthodox churches are its descendants

Based in Constantinople (modern Istanbul), it lasted until 1453. At times, it was the richest and most powerful state in the known world. Today, it is almost forgotten. Its main presence in the English language is as a word meaning complex bureaucracy.

Why should we remember Byzantium? Well, everyone admires the Greeks and the Roman Empires. But, once your eyes adjust, and you look below the glittering surface, you see that it wasn’t a time any reasonable person would choose to be alive. The Greeks were a collection of ethnocentric tribes who fought and killed each other till they nearly died out. The Roman Empire was held together by a vampire bureaucracy directed more often than in any European state since then by idiots or lunatics. Life was jolly enough for the privileged two or three per cent. But everything they had was got from the enslavement or fiscal exploitation of everyone else.

Yet, while the Roman State grew steadily worse until the collapse of its Western half, the Eastern half that remained went into reverse. The more Byzantine the Eastern Roman Empire became, the less awful it was for ordinary people. This is why it lasted another thousand years. The consensus of educated opinion used to be that it survived by accident. Even without looking at the evidence, this doesn’t seem likely. In fact, during the seventh century, the Empire faced three challenges. First, there was the combined assault of the Persians from the east and the Avars and Slavs from the north. Though the Balkans and much of the East were temporarily lost, the Persians were annihilated. Then a few years after the victory celebrations in Jerusalem, Islam burst into the world. Syria and Egypt were overrun at once. North Africa followed. But the Home Provinces – these being roughly the territory of modern Turkey – held firm. The Arabs could sometimes invade, and occasionally devastate. They couldn’t conquer.

One of the few certain lessons that History teaches is that, when it goes on the warpath, you don’t face down Islam by accident. More often than not, you don’t face it down at all. In the 630s, the Arabs took what remained of the Persian Empire in a single campaign. Despite immensely long chains of supply and command, they took Spain within a dozen years. Yet, repeatedly and with their entire force, they beat against the Home Provinces of the Byzantine Empire. Each time, they were thrown back with catastrophic losses. The Byzantines never lost overall control of the sea. Eventually, they hit back, retaking large parts of Syria. More than once, the Caliphs were forced to pay tribute. You don’t manage this by accident.

The Byzantine historians themselves are disappointingly vague about the seventh and eighth centuries. Our only evidence for what happened comes from the description of established facts in the tenth century. As early as the seventh century, though, the Byzantine State pulled off the miracle of reforming itself internally while fighting a war of survival on every frontier. Large parts of the bureaucracy were scrapped. Taxes were cut. The silver coinage was stabilised. Above all, the great senatorial estates of the Later Roman Empire were broken up. Land was given to the peasants in return for military service. In the West, the Goths and Franks and Lombards had moved among populations of disarmed tax-slaves. Not surprisingly, no one raised a hand against them. Time and again, the Arabs smashed against a wall of armed freeholders. A few generations after losing Syria and Egypt, the Byzantine Empire was the richest and most powerful state in the known world.

This is an inspiring story – as inspiring as the resistance put up by the Greek city states a thousand years before to Darius and Xerxes. If the Turks, who destroyed it in 1453, can admire the Byzantine Empire, and even feel proud of it, why shouldn’t the rest of humanity admire it?


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

After Anger Management

Matthew James Hamilton

(Fulton, Missouri) A 35-year-old local man, Matthew James Hamilton, who recently completed a court-ordered anger management course, has been accused of holding a woman at knife point overnight at a local bar.

Hamilton was booked on charges of armed criminal action, assault in the second degree, unlawful use of a weapon and felonious restraint.

Hamilton was booked into custody at the Callaway County Jail with bond set at $23,500.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Carolina Woman Faces Child Sex Charge

Meredith Kristin Simmons

(Concord, North Carolina) A 24-year-old woman, Meredith Kristin Simmons, has been accused of committing sex acts with a 6-year-old boy.

Meredith Simmons was indicted on charges of first degree sex offense with a child and taking indecent liberties with a child.
Police say between June 12 and July 23, Meredith Simmons committed lewd acts with a 6-year-old boy.
Meredith Simmons' mother, Penny Spencer Simmons, has been charged with intimidating witnesses in the same case.
A nasty one for vegetarians and other food freaks

Adding soy to your diet could speed up the rate at which breast cancer cells spread, scientists have warned.  Researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York studied 140 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

Half took soy protein powder containing genistein while the other half took a placebo for between seven and 30 days before they had surgery to remove their cancer.

The scientists compared tumour tissues from before and after the operation and found changes in the expressions of certain genes, that are known to promote cell growth, in those women taking the soy supplement.  The findings led them to conclude the soy protein could potentially accelerate the progression of the disease.

The study states: 'These data raise concern that soy may exert a stimulating effect on breast cancer in a sub set of women.'

All those taking part in the study had recently had breast biopsies and were diagnosed with stage one or two breast cancer. They were all scheduled to have a mastectomy or lumpectomy two to three weeks later.

The researchers said it is not yet clear if the effects can be reversed.

Jacqueline Bromberg, co-author of the study, said: 'Although the genes were being expressed, it is not clear that this will translate into actual tumour growth.  'But the concern is that there may be the potential.  'Only 20 per cent of those patients who took the soy had really high levels of the genistein metabolite.'

She said the reasons behind the disparity are unclear, adding that there is no way to predict who would have this reaction after consuming soy.

Of the women with high genistein levels, a few of them experienced changes in a specified set of genes that are known to affect breast cancer cell growth, death, or some aspect of breast cancer pathology, Dr Bromberg, said.

The changes were seen in women who consumed around 51.6 grams of soy - the equivalent of about four cups of soy milk a day.

The researchers concluded those who eat soy regularly could 'reasonably consume that amount' through the course of a day, particularly vegetarians and those who do not eat dairy products.


Jack the Ripper Revealed

Russell Edwards holds the shawl with incriminating DNA.

British citizen, Russell Edwards, 48, may have conclusively determined that Jack the Ripper, the notorious killer of 5 prostitutes in East London in 1888, was Aaron Kosminski, a Polish Jew who lived near one of the crime scenes.
A shawl found by the body of Catherine Eddowes, one of the Ripper’s victims, has been analysed and found to contain DNA from her blood as well as DNA from the killer.
According to Edwards, he became interested in the mystery in 2001 after watching the Johnny Depp film From Hell. He bought the shawl at an auction in 2007, enlisted the help of Dr. Jari Louhelainen in 2011 to do DNA testing, and will publish his findings in the book Naming Jack the Ripper, available this week.
Kosminski has always been one of the three most credible suspects. He is often described as having been a hairdresser in Whitechapel... What is certain is he was seriously mentally ill, probably a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered auditory hallucinations and described as a misogynist prone to ‘self-abuse’ – a euphemism for masturbation.
Novelist Patricia Cornwall's 2002 book Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper - Case Closed "identified" a different Jack the Ripper.

I believe Mr. Edwards' investigative journey to identify Jack the Ripper is arguably fascinating and compelling. The mystery may finally have been solved.

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Parents Lose House

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) The Sourovelis family has lost their home.
The nightmare began when police showed up at the house and arrested their 22-year-old son, Yianni, on drug charges -- $40 worth of heroin. Authorities say he was selling drugs out of the home. The Sourvelises say they had no knowledge of any involvement their son might have had with drugs.

A month-and-a-half later police came back -- this time to seize their house, forcing the Sourvelises and their children out on the street that day. Authorities came with the electric company in tow to turn off the power and even began locking the doors with screws, the Sourvelises say. Authorities won't comment on the exact circumstances because of pending litigation regarding the case.
Seems a bit extreme to me.

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